Janeya Griffin

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Strategist, ConCreates

Janeya Griffin has always had a natural talent for recognizing latent potential. As the founder and CEO of The Commercializer, a consulting firm for entrepreneurs, Janeya uses that skill to help small businesses and the underserved monetize their developing ideas.

She puts that same talent to work as a Technology Transfer Specialist Contractor for NASA; assessing the potential of new tech and intellectual property, helping to bring them to the marketplace.

Janeya is not only an amazing businesswoman and strategist, but beyond that she has a passionate sense of social justice that was born from her personal experiences.

When Janeya was 16, both her parents were incarcerated, leaving her to temporarily care for her 6-year-old brother. After her mother’s release, Janeya learned how harmful society’s stigma toward felons could be as she watched her mother struggle to find a job. From then on she was filled with a purpose and declared that one day she’d make an impact on how the world views felons, giving them the second chance they deserve.

Today, she’s fulfilling that purpose as the Chief Innovation Strategist and Co-Founder of ConCreates, a creative agency that crowdsources ideas from incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated men and women across the country. Here, Janeya uses the same skills from years of experience at NASA and The Commercializer to help felons realize their potential and place them in fulfilling creative careers.