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BRITE was founded in 2008 to look at the intersection of brands, innovation, and technology. Over the past decade the conference has become a place where 400-500 executives, entrepreneurs, academics, and students come together to learn about and discuss upcoming trends and innovations in business, technology, and society that are affecting the ways organizations build and maintain strong brands.

Our goal is to focus on the way that innovative ideas often come from piecing together seemingly disparate trends or practices that are taking place in different industries or among different groups or cultures. There is never a single "theme" at BRITE . The topics at any given conference include a mix of presentations about the implications of emerging technologies (3D printing, machine learning, augmented reality, blockchain technology, etc.), best practices and new developments in business strategy (digital marketing, talent recruitment, new revenue models, brand purpose, etc.), and changing societal and consumer trends and issues (fake news, the future of work, #MeToo, social memes, etc.)

Past BRITE speakers have included, global CMOs (American Express, Coach, GE, L’Oreal, PepsiCo, HP, Visa), leading technology firms (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung), entrepreneurs (founders of KIND Snacks, MakerBot, Warby Parker, ZipCar), media companies (Disney, New York Times, Netflix, NBC), and leading academics and writers (Sheena Iyengar, Bernd Schmitt, Charles Duhigg, Gretchen Carlson, Seth Godin, Amy Webb, and Duncan Watts).

The conference is driven primarily by 20-minute keynotes and fireside chats, with a mix of some panels and breakout workshops as well -- and, usually, a little moment of pure entertainment as a mental palette cleanser. Our audience is as diverse as our presenters, largely made up of experiences executives from a wide range of brands, agencies, and consultancies, along with entrepreneurs, and, of course, a mix of students, staff, and faculty from the Columbia University community and other academic institutions.

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BRITE is presented by the Center on Global Brand Leadership. The Center on Global Brand Leadership creates, gathers, and shares insights on how to build and manage strong brands.

Combining the research and intellectual capital of academia's foremost thinkers on branding with real world business cases, the Center shows how all elements of an organization – from marketing and communications to supply chain and operations – can affect brands and their relationships with stakeholders.

The Center fosters a community of researchers, alumni, students, and business leaders from global corporations, agencies, and consulting firms to advance new knowledge, promote widespread learning, and serve as a forum to address the many challenges of brand building, brand management, and strategic marketing.

The Center on Global Brand Leadership was founded in 1999 at Columbia Business School under the direction of Professor Bernd Schmitt, a world authority on marketing and branding. The Center has global partnerships with leading business schools — in the U.S., China, Germany, Korea, Spain, and Singapore — providing an unmatched resource for researchers and practitioners.

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BRITE was started with a generous grant from the Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business.


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The BRITE Conference  is held at Alfred Lerner Hall:

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