Sonia Sousa

CEO & Co-Founder, Kenzen inc

Sonia Sousa, before founding Kenzen Inc., served as GM for the Bio-Product division at Solazyme, where she contributed to the firm’s successful IPO and orchestrated the 8X expansion of the bio-products business from one to multiple product lines, increasing revenue from $20M to $160M. She introduced the Algenist skincare line that generated $8.5M in revenue in its first year. At Agilent Technologies, Sonia was responsible for a new business unit that extended product lines into mobile wireless devices, smart sensors, lab-on-a-chip, and data analytics and predictive models. She was part of the team that work on the acquisition of Varian Inc. for $1.5B as a strategy to leapfrog into Molecular Spectroscopy. At DuPont, Sonia grew the business from $30 to $100MM. She also held strategic marketing and product development roles at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Sonia has extensive experience in technology; she was DuPont’s Global R&D director responsible for business innovation, expanding current business into adjacent markets. Sonia created new business models for the R&D division that increased division capability while reducing the budget by 42 percent; these changes yielded returns of $4 for each $1 spent, with an NPV of $127M Sonia has over 15 issued and pending patents in photonics, predictive models, lasers, spectroscopy, CCD sensors, and renewable performance polymers, in the United States and worldwide. She has an MBA from Pepperdine University, a PhD in Photonics and Neural Networks from Utah State University, and a BS in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sonia serves on the Board of Reluceo Inc. (Khosla Venture company), and OpenHouse, a community development organization that provides low-income housing for seniors.