Don Kurz

Chairman & CEO, Omelet

Don’s long resume includes working with brands like Burger King, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Kraft, Kellogg, AT&T and basically every Hollywood studio. Don’s track record also includes being the former Chairman and CEO of EMAK Worldwide, a strong performing, global NASDAQ-listed company, a senior partner at leading management consulting firm Willis Towers Watson and a stint as an adjunct professor at Columbia University Business School. Don received an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a BA from The Johns Hopkins University.

If you’re looking for Don, skip the ivory tower. He’s down in the trenches, working as a partner with all his colleagues, from the interns to the executive staff. He’s always highly involved with agency partners, fueled by his passion to meet the needs of every client, and understand marketing, media, technology and entertainment, at a richer and deeper level than anyone else in the industry.

No wonder Omelet has been a perennial member of the Inc 5000 and listed as one of LA’s fastest growing companies. And like any great CEO, he’ll be happy to tell you about his illustrious lacrosse career, for several hours, anytime.