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Agenda: BRITE '12

March 5-6, 2012
Roone Arledge Auditorium, 1st Floor, Alfred Lerner Hall
Columbia University, 116th Street and Broadway, New York City

Day 1: Monday, March 5th - 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

(Agenda subject to change)
8:00 – 8:45 am Registration and networking

8:45 – 10:35 am


“The Human Element”
Bob Garfield; Host, NPR’s On The Media; editor for Ad Age; author, The Human Element

    The digital revolution has obliterated scale in media and marketing. It has also pulled back the curtain historically obscuring corporate activity. The combination of these effects dictates an entirely new approach to marketing, based not on brands' manufactured images or positionings but on their actual relationships. Bob Garfield calls this "The Human Element."

"From Tehran to Tahrir: What Does Twitter Have to Do with Revolution?"
Prof. Zeynep Tufekci
; University of North Carolina

    What do we actually know about revolutions and social media? I’ll discuss how the Internet was used by activists in the Middle East to intervene in the public sphere, to document corruption and abuse, and to coordinate and reach out to each other and the public during the uprisings. I’ll argue that the Internet is a game-changer, but that the new game is not without dangers and limitations.

“How Language Savvy Machines Could Turn Marketing Upside-Down”
Stephen Baker; Author, Final Jeopardy, and The Numerati

    When computers like IBM's Jeopardy machine, Watson, barge into marketing, they're likely to take over jobs currently held by humans and could very well transform the industry. What will be left for people to do? Plenty. The key will be to hitch their imaginations to this new generation of machines.
10:35 – 11:05 am Networking break
11:05 am– 1:00 pm SESSION 2:

“5 Strategies for Entrepreneurial Branding”
Julie Cottineau; Former VP of Brand, Virgin USA

    Leveraging examples from Virgin and other entrepreneurial brands, together we will explore strategies to foster a more agile approach to bringing ideas to market with impact.
    1.   Making it personal - solving real issues
    2.   Looking at old problems from new angles
    3.   Dreaming big while delivering on the details
    4.   Breaking through with creativity and fun
    5.   Getting it done - forget perfection, live in beta

“Mine Your Own Business”
Prof. Oded Netzer; Columbia Business School

    Internet gathering places, like blogs, forums, and chat rooms, leave footprints in the form of colossal amounts of data regarding consumers’ thoughts, beliefs, experiences, and interactions. The development of an effective text mining approach will be crucial for firms to explore online user-generated content and "listen" to what customers write about their products and their competitors' products.  Two researched case examples--sedan cars and diabetes drugs--demonstrate the ability to generate market-structure maps and meaningful insights without interviewing a single consumer.

“Reinventing American Express to Serve a Changing Customer”
John Hayes
; Chief Marketing Officer, American Express

    American Express has been reinventing itself in keeping with the dramatic changes taking place in both media and consumer habits, while continuing to acknowledge the core importance of brand trust. An increased investment in digital and social technologies, and a willingness to develop and analyze new marketing initiatives in these areas, is allowing American Express to better understand how to make an impact in this changing world.
1:00 – 2:00 pm Lunch
2:00 – 4:05 pm SESSION 3:

“The Path to Purchase – Moving at the Speed of Digital”
Marc Speichert
; Chief Marketing Officer, L'Oreal USA

    The digital beauty landscape is ever-evolving, giving consumers a bigger voice in the way they research and purchase products.  This has resulted in a purchasing funnel that is more multi-dimensional with new media changing the way consumers consider, evaluate, buy and advocate for your brand.  Mr. Speichert will discuss this new Path to Purchase and the deeper connection between brands and consumers in this changing digital beauty marketplace.

“Talent Innovation and the Performance Paradox”
Cathy Benko; Vice Chairman & Managing Principal, Brand, Deloitte

    Social, economic, demographic and technological changes are irreversibly altering the workplace and the workforce.  Borrowing from consumer product trends that move away from one-size-fits all products and services, Cathy Benko, renowned author of The Corporate Lattice and Mass Career Customization, will share how talent innovation drives personal brands and increases employee commitment, ultimately improving business performance.

“New Survey Results: Marketing Measurement in a Time of Transition
Prof. Don Sexton; Columbia Business School
Randall Ringer; President, NY American Marketing Association, and CEO Verse Group
    Measuring the effect of marketing activities is, arguably, more important than ever. The Center on Global Brand Leadership and the NY-AMA are conducting a survey of over 200 senior marketers from leading companies in order to uncover current practices and attitudes concerning the development and use of effective marketing metrics. Results of this research will be released for the first time at BRITE '12, providing key insights for attendees considering their own marketing metrics and best practices.

"Which Half of My Digital Is Working?"
David Rogers; Host, BRITE conference; author, The Network Is Your Customer

    Amidst a slew of data from new digital tools, even successful marketers find it hard to know "which half of my marketing is working?" – or to explain to the CFO where they should next invest in digital and why. Instead of searching for a universal ROI solution, marketers need to think strategically about their own customers' path to purchase. By linking audience, engagement, and financial impact to their key business objectives, they can build a model that ensures marketing will matter for their business in the digital age.
4:05 – 4:25 pm Networking break
4:25 – 5:50 pm SESSION 4:

“Does Brand Simplicity Matter?
Howard Belk; Co-President and CEO, Siegel+Gale
Brian Rafferty; Global Director of Customer Insights, Siegel+Gale

    In its second annual Global Brand Simplicity Index™, global strategic branding firm Siegel+Gale provides an in-depth analysis on the impact of simplicity. According to the findings, not only is simplicity essential to a brand’s success, but it’s also a key ingredient in boosting profits. Which brands landed a spot in the top 10? The results may surprise you.

"Augmented Reality: The Next 'Killer' App?"
Chas Mastin
; Chief Technology Officer, 5ivePoints

    There is growing hype, and confusion, about augmented reality (AR) and its potential to be another transformative technology. AR has the potential to redefine entertainment, language, and possibly everything else about being human. But, a look back to the buzz that surrounded virtual reality provides a warning -- AR could soon be viewed as another unnecessary technology rolled out too early. This talk will explore the pitfalls and possibilities of this new frontier.

"Happy Customers Everywhere"
Prof. Bernd Schmitt
; Columbia Business School; author, Happy Customers Everywhere

    Over the last ten years, researchers and psychologists have begun to seriously measure what triggers happiness for the first time, and such concepts can allow marketers and brand managers to harness customer emotion to reach, sustain, and grow loyal customers. Three specific methods based on the research of positive psychologists will be detailed:
    1. The Feel Good Method: Hook customers through the experience of pleasure and positive emotions.
    2. The Meaningful Method: Engage customers through core values.
    3. The Learning and Growing Method: Help your customers achieve personal growth and development.
5:50 – 7:00 pm Wine and Beer Reception
Schmooze time!

Day 2: Tuesday, March 6th - 8:20 am - 1:00 pm

8:20 – 8:50 am Registration and networking
8:50 – 9:45 am MORNING PLENARY

"Publicness vs.Privacy in the Digital Age"
Jeff Jarvis; Author, Public Parts and What Would Google Do?

    The internet and the rise of public data have already profoundly disrupted economies, industries, laws, ethics, childhood, and many other facets of our daily lives. But the change has just begun. The shape of the future is not assured. The amazing new tools of publicness can be used to good ends and bad. Jarvis makes an urgent case that the future of the internet requires as much protection as the physical space we share, the air we breathe, and the rights we afford one another. It is a space of the public, for the public, and by the public.
9:45 – 10:05 am Networking break
10:05 – 11:00 am PARALLEL BREAK-OUTS:

"Navigating a World Where Everyone Is a Media Company"
John Mayo-Smith; Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, R/GA
Steve Rosenbaum; CEO, and Author of Curation Nation
Prof. Sree Sreenivasan; Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
Frederick Townes; Founding CTO, Mashable; Founder of W3 EDGE
Matthew Quint; Associate Director, Columbia Business School [moderator]

    The proliferation of content and data that the internet unleashed is viewed with both excitement and consternation. We are all free to gather and produce content—but sometimes we are overwhelmed by the consequences. This panel will address techniques and best practices on how to collect, share, and sort information through both computer and human interfaces.

"Effectively Accounting for Social Media in Brand Valuation"
Tim Robinson; Managing Director, Research & Analytics, CoreBrand
Jonathan Paisner; Brand Director, CoreBrand

    Challenges remain on understanding how social media works to build brand reputation and drive financial value. However, CoreBrand's measurement and valuation models are now incorporating the unique role that social media plays in creating familiarity and favorability. They will explore how to account for social media activities and interactions and effectively understand how to translate them into value.

“Enterprise Brand Management Technologies: Controlling your Brand Internally, across Sales Channels, and in the Marketplace”
Dustin Ritter; VP of Marketing, PTI Marketing Technologies

    Managing the way a corporate brand is presented in the marketplace can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Employees, external sales channels, and customers represent the brand in both positive and negative ways that can greatly impact sales. This session will review the different types of technologies available that help monitor and control brand compliance along with the benefits that can be realized from each solution category.
11:00 – 11:15 am Networking break
11:15 am – 12:10 pm PARALLEL BREAK-OUTS:

“Do You Know Who You Are? Understanding Purpose and the Role it Plays in Building Sustainable Relationships with Consumers”
Linda Boff; Executive Director, Global Digital Marketing, GE
Carol Kruse; Senior Vice President of Marketing, ESPN
Fabian Pfortmueller; Co-Founder, Sandbox
Ian Wolfman; CMO, imc²

    If you believe that marketing should be as meaningful as it is effective, you’re one step in the right direction. Welcome to the Relationship Era--a period in the evolution of marketing where success will increasingly be defined by the strength of relationships that brands have with their consumers. While some are unsure how we got here, others are not sure what to do about it. What is clear though is that succeeding in this new era requires an entirely different marketing model. The brands that win in the Relationship Era will be those that build trust and transactions, creating sustainable relationships with people.

“Building a Customer-Centric Organization”
Prof. Kamel Jedidi; John A. Howard Professor of Marketing, Columbia Business School

    During the last several years, market leaders have realized that moving from product centricity to customer centricity can create sustained value and a competitive advantage. To get it right, you need a range of new business strategies, metrics, and organizational requirements. This session introduces the key principles of customer centricity, exposes you to some of the best practices that have evolved in this field, and highlights the key building blocks that are necessary for a customer-centric organization.

“Brand Growth in the New Age of Influence: Measuring Impact and ROI of Digital Marketing”
Larry Friedman; Chief Research Officer, TNS

    The digital revolution has changed the way that brands and people relate to each other. Not only has this revolution changed marketing, but it has changed how we need to think about measuring “success.” This session will discuss different measurement approaches and techniques that will help marketers understand how successful their digital marketing initiatives have been at growing relationships with consumers.
12:10 – 12:25 pm Break and return to main auditorium
12:25 – 1:00 pm CLOSING PLENARY

"The Human O/S: How Innovation in Digital Taps into Fundamentals of Human Experience"
Abigail Posner; Head of Strategic Planning, Agency Development, Google

    This talk demonstrates how digital innovation in 5 areas—Physical, Story-telling, Location, Visualization, and Play—enhances and vivifies human experience. These changes in the digital space pose great opportunities for brands who seek to connect deeply and strongly with their current and prospective consumers.
1:00 pm End of conference

Agenda subject to revision.

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