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BRITE '14 Live Stream March 3

WatchitooCan't join us in person for BRITE '14? Not a problem! We're excited to announce we're live-streaming Day One of the event this Monday, March 3.

Anyone from anywhere around the globe can partake in the conference via live coverage powered by Watchitoo, an interactive platform for live events, webinars, and distance learning initiatives. Chat with fellow viewers and pose questions which may be included in speaker Q&A.

And while you're watching online, participate in the conversation on Twitter using #BRITEconf.

Tune in and spread the word!

March 3, 2014

8:45-5:45pm EST


LuluLulu, the hot new app that allows women to anonymously rank their Facebook beaus, has quickly risen to smartphone fame. In a single year, it has attracted a user-base of well over one million and countless praise from esteemed media outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Journal, Business Insider and NPR.

Co-founder and CEO Alexandra Chong, a BRITE '14 speaker, explains, "[W]e get references for jobs. . . or renting an apartment. . . why not get references from women on the guys that they may end up in bed with."

Particularly noteworthy is the dynamic contributions of Lulu's members. Chong tells Bloomberg TV's Cory Johnson that 52% are actively creating content. "As you know in the social space that's often unheard of. Typically the rule is 9-10%." Men are surprisingly responding favorably, too. Lulu reports that it's received over half a million requests from guys who welcome the feedback. Can you say #Brave? [Read more and comment]

REGISTER NOW for BRITE '14 (March 3-4) to hear Chong discuss more about leveraging girl talk and building online social communities.

RESEARCH: Monopoly Pricing in Social Learning

LuluIt's been long known that consumer reviews, positive or negative, have a tremendous impact on the purchasing decisions of prospective buyers. But Columbia Business School professor Costis Maglaras, an expert in pricing and revenue management, has developed a new equation to help businesses realize the full value for revenue gain from online reviews.

Maglaras and his team developed this method by analyzing social learning and its effect on market potential and sales trajectory. On average, Maglaras says, "firms will benefit from encouraging consumer reviews because the increased profit from highly reviewed products will exceed the loss from poorly reviewed ones." In turn, businesses will have the ability to more effectively price new products, and strategically adjust pricing over time in the most gainful direction.

Read more about Maglaras' research in Columbia's Ideas at Work.

the complete report, Monopoly Pricing in the Presence of Social Learning, from Social Science Research Network.

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